TikTok for Business

Getting started

TikTok has made their self-serve ad platform extremely easy to navigate. Signing up is as easy as visiting the TikTok for Business homepage, but we recommend going here, which will get you a free $300 of ad credit with an additional 1-to-1 match of up to $2000 to start running TikTok ads!

Once you’ve created your account, you’ll be able to access tons of educational content explaining various pieces of the TikTok ad product. If you’ve ever used Facebook Business Manager, you’ll likely find the overall functionality to be very familiar--although the user experience might be just a bit easier to navigate!

Cohley and TikTok

TikTok and Cohley think about content in nearly identical ways. Some of the key things they emphasize:

  • Experiment as much as possible. 

TikTok’s Creative Library has templates and tooling designed to combine photos, videos, and rights approved music into dozens or hundreds of combinations. TikTok runs each of those combinations in campaigns, quickly learning which are the top performers. When combined with Cohley’s firehose of content, the TikTok // Cohley integration enables unprecedented amounts of experimentation and optimization for your ads.

  • Give your ads a “TikTok feel”

This means using vertical video, with lo-fi, organic feeling content. They also encourage a certain amount of spontaneity, humor, and authenticity. The Cohley Creator Marketplace offers brands the perfect way to generate this UGC-feeling, diverse, interesting content.

  • Use LOTS of variety 

TikTok’s official recommendation is to refresh each campaign’s creative set every week. Most brands balk at that frequency, but with the Cohley content firehose we can ensure a brand’s ads remain fresh, interesting, and effective.

Reference docs

Step by step instructions for setting up an ad - TikTok has great docs!

Creative guidelines and safe zones - where and how to add text to your ads

TikTok Masterclass Webinar - hour long webinar giving an intro to TikTok ads

TikTok Masterclass Webinar Part II - creative best practices

TikTok Image Ad Specs - exact specifications for running image ads on TikTok

TikTok Video Ad Specs - exact specifications for running video ads on TikTok

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